A Guide to Humbot

About this guide

Humbot helps high school and college students do better at school by providing text-based tutoring. We offer unlimited tutoring for $99/month, a substantially more affordable price point than traditional tutoring.

We've created this guide to make sure you can get the most out of Humbot. Working with hundreds of students, we've seen what leads to the best outcomes. We'll be updating it as we learn more.

Take your time while using Humbot



By far the most significant source for making mistakes when doing tests, exercises, and problems is hurrying. This is especially true for math-based problems. While we understand that students need to be quick during a test, trying to do something quickly during the learning phase is not helpful.

Humbot is text-based and designed so that students don't feel pressured while doing problems or homework. For one, Humbot offers unlimited tutoring, so you don't have to worry about being on the clock. Furthermore, there are no video calls, so there is no one looking always over your shoulder and making it hard to concentrate.

So, take your time. Once you get the hang out of things, you'll be able to do it much faster. We promise!

There are no shortcuts, plan accordingly

Genuinely understanding subjects or topics takes time. We tell our students repeatedly that there are no shortcuts here. Trying to squeeze in a take-home quiz, homework or exam preparation 1 hour before the due date usually doesn't end well. Not only does it lead to plenty of mistakes, but there is zero learning effect. Also, it makes students feel stressed and unwell.

When you have a due date or exam coming up, and you want to study (with or without Humbot), do plan accordingly. Also, our tutors will be less stressed if you're less stressed, so it's a win for everybody.

Be yourself and enjoy the ride

People learn best when they don't pretend to know or pretend to be someone else. Tutors at Humbot are not here to quiz or test a student's knowledge. They are here to help. Student and tutor are on the same team.

Students that pretend to know something, but don't, (to impress a tutor, or think that a tutor will judge them if they don't know) don't tend to do well with Humbot. Also, it's much more fun if you can talk and learn freely, without trying to be someone you're not. And, as weird as it may sound, Math, Science, and English can be a lot of fun. If you let it!

Make mistakes; it's the best way to learn



Society is structured in such a way that people think making a mistake is something terrible. We're not saying that it can't be wrong, but in most circumstances, it is something good. Especially in education, there are no fatal mistakes.

When working with our tutors on Humbot, we encourage students not to be afraid of making a mistake. It's much better than stopping to solve a task or thinking it ten times over. Because, when students do make mistakes, we can discuss why they thought this is right. We can talk about their thought process. And we can explain why it was wrong. The next time, there is a high chance that they will do it right!

Communicate clearly & give feedback honestly

Clear communication is vital in all aspects of life, be it personal or business. It's also essential in teaching and tutoring. Often, text-based communication is clearer than video-based. We think that's one of the reasons that makes Humbot such a useful teaching tool.

To maximize your learning experience with Humbot, students must be transparent and honest. Telling what precisely they didn't understand our tutors to be more precise. Telling it honestly if they didn't understand something, even after our tutors spent time explaining, is only for the benefit of everyone. We know that students might just say they did understand something because they feel stupid or judged if they didn't. That's just not true. Our tutors never judge students, and certainly, don't think anyone is stupid.

What is more, students (and parents) should never hesitate giving feedback to tutors and to Humbot directly. Even if they think it's useless. It's never useless. We can only improve Humbot and help students do even better at school if we know what's going on.

We hope that reading this guide will help you get the most out of your Humbot experience.