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How we provide unlimited tutoring for $99/month at Humbot

The tutoring market is broken.

Let me tell you how most online tutoring is done today:

  • You (a parent or student) go on a tutoring provider’s website
  • Select a tutor from thousands (who is a freelancer)
  • Schedule a session (usually 1 to 2-hour blocks)
  • Pay $70 per hour
  • Rinse and repeat

The inefficiencies arise mainly due to tutors teaching the same concepts over and over again without a good way to scale it. Our mission at Humbot is to solve this market inefficiency. And this is how we think we can solve it.

Text-based tutoring

Most tutoring services use video calls to communicate with student and teacher. We find that modern text and image-based communication fits better into the lifestyle of today’s teenagers. Furthermore, not having the pressure of someone watching over your shoulder helps kids relax, take their time and concentrate on the task at hand.

Also, it lays the foundation for us to build internal tools for our tutors that allow them to help high school kids more efficiently and more expertly. This, in turn, enables us to reduce the costs of tutoring significantly and pass it on to parents and students in the form of low prices.

Software that gives our tutors superpowers

The teaching is happening in text and image form on Humbot, and this allows us to build software that serves as internal tools for our tutors. You can imagine it kind of like a more sophisticated auto-suggest feature on your phone’s keyboard. Thanks to it, our tutors also make fewer mistakes and can always provide you the highest quality.

No freelance tutors

Almost all traditional tutoring services are structured as platforms. This means, they only provide the software and match students with freelance tutors. First, this leads to higher costs because the platform takes a cut and the tutor earns less. Second, there is no promotion of best practices and collective improvement among the tutors, because they are all out there for themselves.

The mentioned reasons enable us to lower the cost of tutoring substantially, while still providing high-quality teaching to high school and college students. $99 is just the beginning — our ambitions are to lower our costs by a factor of 10 in the coming years and reach even more parents that today can’t afford to help their kids do better at school.

How we provide unlimited tutoring for $99/month at Humbot
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