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Humbot is the perfect Khan Academy companion

Here at Humbot, we love Khan Academy. It simply has the best explanations. While working with our students, we realized that Humbot is the perfect companion for Khan Academy. I think that the two platforms work together exceptionally well in two situations.

Instant help while watching Khan Academy videos or doing practice

Like a lot of students, our students also use Khan Academy to better understanding subjects for their homework or preparing for a test. However, sometimes it's not enough.

If you're working on a specific problem, it's often hard to transfer the learnings from a general explanation to your task at hand. This gets easier the more experience you have, but school kids are by definition lacking it.


When students are stuck, it makes a lot of sense for them to turn to Humbot. Here, they can talk to one of our tutors instantly and get helpful hints and explanation to grasp the fundamental concepts quickly.

Using Khan Academy for general explanations

Sometimes it makes sense for our tutors to send a Khan Academy video link to a student instead of explaining it themselves. We know that explanations on Khan Academy are outstanding, so why reinvent the wheel?

There are a lot of videos on Khan Academy, and this can often be overwhelming for a student. It's hard to find the right video if you don't have a good overall understanding of all topics. Here, Humbot comes in handy. Our tutors know precisely which video can help.

Have fun with Khan Academy and Humbot :-)

Humbot is the perfect Khan Academy companion
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