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Humbot vs. Wyzant

We're the new kid on the block, so naturally, we get often asked how we're different than existing homework and tutoring solutions. In the following, I take the online tutoring platform Wyzant as an example and show why Humbot is often a better alternative.

First things first. We love Wyzant and most other online tutoring and education companies. There are millions of kids that need help, and one company alone can't tackle this issue ❤️. Humbot is better at some things, while Wyzant and other conventional online tutoring companies are better at some other stuff. You have to decide what fits your needs best.

Here are five ways Humbot is different than Wyzant.

1) Everything right on your smartphone



Fact is that school kids get everything done on their smartphone. Whether it is texting their friends, snapping or watching movies. Humbot is built mobile-first, meaning that it's designed and intended to use on a smartphone. Furthermore, our primary way of communicating with students is text and image - exactly what kids and teens love doing.

Wyzant and co use video calling or in-person meeting as their primary ways of communication. We can see how this makes sense or is even better for some students, but today's kids also need the flexibility and convenience of asynchronous communication. On top of that, providing Humbot's low-key approach to homework help lowers the barrier to asking for help, which in turn helps students get better at school.

2) No one is watching over your shoulder

In a traditional tutoring setting, students need to solve problems or study while someone is watching over their shoulder (either in-person or through a video chat). Our students love that Humbot takes of the pressure and they can fully concentrate on the task at hand.

Of course, some parents feel that it's better for their kid if someone's watching over them every second. In that case, traditional tutoring might make more sense.

3) As much time as you want



At Humbot, we charge a fixed monthly fee. For that, students can get homework and school help as much as they want. Apparently, this is also something kids love about Humbot. Like the previous point, it puts their mind to ease and makes sure that they can focus 100% on studying. This also leads to the fact that kids use Humbot more frequently and for smaller tasks (like when they are stuck with homework) and not only for general tutoring sessions.

At Wyzant or other tutoring companies, the help is usually billed on an hourly basis. If you need help rarely (less than 2 hours a month) than this option might make more sense for you.

4) Cost

In education and indeed anywhere in life costs are always a biggie. Humbot's mission is to drive down the cost of high-quality education significantly. To that end, we're investing heavily in our software. Today, we're already three times cheaper than most tutoring providers.
Humbot only costs $99 a month. This is a fixed fee, meaning that you can spend as many hours a month with Humbot as you like.

To compare: On Wyzant and other platforms, you choose your tutor from a list of contractors. While the contractors are mostly free in setting their prices, the average tutor costs $70 an hour.

Regarding price, it's hard to beat Humbot :-)

5) Our own, amazing tutors



A final significant difference between Humbot and the rest is that we have our own tutors. What this means is that every tutor works as a full-time employee for Humbot. The advantages are that we share best practices among the tutors and learn collectively how to help students best. Our in-house software engineering team develops technology that makes sure that every learning is immediately available to all tutors, and in turn to all students.

Almost all other tutoring platforms are set up as marketplaces. They merely provide a place for students and tutors to meet and take a cut out of the tutoring fee. I imagine that this makes it very hard to increase the tutoring quality collectively.

However, if you're looking just to get to know a tutor and then start meeting with them outside of the platform, then going with traditional tutoring websites might work for you.


We looked at five differences between Wyzant and Humbot. As I said, there are situations where Humbot is better suited and vice versa. Let's summarize.

When to use Wyzant

In general, services like Wyzant, Varsity Tutors, and co. are excellent if you or your child needs tutoring very rarely. Everything more than 2 hours a month and Humbot's prices are unbeatable. Also, if you're a parent that thinks in-person tutoring is a better environment for your child, you'll probably fare better with Wyzant.

When to use Humbot

Kids love Humbot. If it's important to you that your child can learn in a comfortable and familiar environment and can entirely focus on studying, Humbot's the right choice. Furthermore, Humbot's always available, and on-demand tutors lower the barrier for students to ask for help. This, in turn, reflects positively on their academic performance.
Last but not least, the cost is a huge factor. I hope I'm not tooting my own horn when I'm saying that having a tutor always available for only $99/month is a great value proposition.

We offer a free 14-day trial. If you want to learn more about Humbot, check out our website here.

Humbot vs. Wyzant
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