Meet the tutors: Can


Who is Can?

Can is an entrepreneur and tutor. Together with Dorena, he created Humbot with the mission to enable low and mid-income families help their kids to do better at school.

The interview

We asked Can a few questions and asked him to send a short video answer to every question. Saves time to type and is more fun :-)

Before we start. Is that your real name, Can? What kind of name is that?


Tell us about yourself. How old are you, what did you major in, etc.?


What's your favorite topic to teach?


What is a typical math mistake your students often make?


Why are you building Humbot?


What makes you get up in the morning?


To finish, a good old quick-fire round*
Favorite food?
iPhone or Android?
Favorite TV show?
Snow or sun?
Favorite city to visit?


Thanks, Can! If you have more questions for Can, feel free to write him an email ( or ask him directly on Twitter (@can).

Meet the tutors: Can
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